The Benefits of Hardwood Floors Versus Carpet


If you properly maintain your hardwood flooring it will certainly pay off in the future when compared to carpeting.

The question of which is better is often raised: hardwood flooring or carpeting? While both types of flooring have their advantages and disadvantages, there are some things that simply can’t be compared.


Carpeting is very quiet and it’s comfortable on the feet.

A few of the essential attributes that make carpeting a favorite are that it is very soft, it can insulate and it can buffer sound. It is a natural for absorbing impacts and sound. It helps to hold in heat and it can be great if you’re living in a cold environment. It’s also nice if you’re on your feet for a long period of time. It can be great if you’re wearing slippery shoes and if you drop something to protect it from breaking.

That Good Old Fashioned Shag Carpet Of The 70s

The bad things about carpeting are that it can go in and out of fashion so quickly that you can’t keep up with the latest trends. It would be very costly to try and change your carpeting every time the trends change.

New Smell Of Carpeting Is Actually Chemicals

That new carpet smell that some truly love, is actually a chemical that is a serious health hazard. Many synthetic materials are what you’re actually smelling in new carpeting. These smells will leach out of the carpeting for many years to come and they can cause a lot of sinus issues as well as breathing issues for many people. There are more eco-friendly types of carpeting, however, the more eco-friendly you go, the more costly the carpeting is.

Thanks to modern technology, there are some ways that they can keep the color strong and the technology can also prevent stains if you buy such types of carpeting.

Higher Maintenance

Carpeting deteriorates quickly and the more traffic on carpeting, the faster it will deteriorate. Many carpets will begin to look ragged and rough after just a few short years of use.

Carpets that have loops such as shag carpeting and the like, will quickly wear out as the loops can catch on things and begin to unravel the carpeting. This can be very challenging to keep repaired. Often, the only solution is to replace it.

Extensive Cleaning: Minimal Results

Carpeting requires a lot of deep cleaning. You’ll need to vacuum, spot clean and shampoo carpets with a lot of chemicals and costly equipment. Sadly, this is a one-way battle and over the course of time it will still wear out no matter how carefully you take care of it.

Even if you give your carpeting regular care, there are all sorts of particles that will get into it including dust, dirt, grime, grit and more. These particles will sift through the fibers and sink to the under layer of the carpet and settle. From there, dampness and accidents and even walking on the carpet will further grind these into the material causing extensive damage to the carpet and the flooring. There are many horror stories of someone pulling up the carpet to find serious damage underneath due to these bits and particles of dirt.

Allergy Nightmare

If you suffer from allergies, you may have serious problems if you have carpeting. They are a living breathing allergy in and of themselves. They harbor dander, dirt, dust and other particles that can turn to molds and mildew. They can harbor pollen that will trigger serious allergy attacks as well. Dust mites love carpeting and will live there and hatch their eggs there causing you even more problems with your allergies.


Clean and Safe

Hardwood, as mentioned above, can’t hide any harmful particles. You simply clean them and you’re done with it. This is a huge benefit for those who suffer from allergies.

Typically, hardwood flooring is more costly than carpeting. However, they are easier to clean and maintain and they will last longer than carpeting. They can also be repaired if there are any problems that arise.

In older homes, hardwood floors may be drafty and colder. However, you can use a nice area rug that can easily be taken outdoors and cleaned by shaking or beating the rug.

Lower Maintenance

Hardwood floors require minimal maintenance when compared to carpeting. They are simple to keep clean and you won’t have to spend a lot of money on cleaners and specialized equipment to keep it clean.

Spills are easy to clean and they won’t get ripped up like carpeting can. Wood can easily be sanded down if there are deep scratches in them from walking around. Rarely will a hardwood floor have to be replaced.


Wood is a natural product that can easily be repaired. It’s a great ecological choice and you’ll find that it’s easier to tend to.

Unsurpassed Value And Beauty

Hardwood is aesthetic and pretty to look at no matter how old it is. It often develops a lovely patina and can be shined up easily. Hardwood never goes out of style. It’s lovely and easy to find unique patterns. Many homeowners rip out carpeting and put in hardwood floors to increase the value of their homes. Hardwoods may cost more to install but will last a lifetime when compared to carpeting.

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